«We believe in incorporating intangible values as part of our heritage»


White Investing is a company that provides real estate asset management services, identifying projects with an attractive return for its clients, through a rigorous and transparent management model, as well as the creation of value in its investments. All of this through the development and maintenance of longlasting relationships, based on respect and continuous progress, with special emphasis on generating a working environment that values performance and personal effort and, at the same time, allows the development of its employees.


The company’s vision in a short-term scenario is based on:

Extending White Investing’s territory of action.
Increasing the competitive advantage, increasing the quality of services and obtaining quality certificates that accredit its value chain.
Anticipating and adapting to changes in the real estate market.


The values and ethical principles that define White Investing’s philosophy are the following:

Integrity, always putting the interests of its clients, partners and suppliers before its own.
Service to the investor as the centre and driving force of the activity carried out. Attending to their needs and being able to anticipate their demands; always acting professionally and honestly.
Effort and innovation, in order to achieve results that exceed the initial goals.
Innovation, vocation focused on the generation of new business models related to new technologies and new processes.
Customer service: adapting to customer needs and periodically evaluating customer satisfaction in order to improve the different areas of activity and internal management.
Professional development: training, teamwork and the search for development opportunities are essential to provide an optimal working environment, that favours satisfaction and protects the safety of employees.
Social Responsability as a basis for business success. The generation of economic value in a way that is compatible with the generation of social and
environmental value.
Creativity. Every opportunity is different; every customer is unique. Therefore, each case is studied from different angles to offer creative and appropriate solutions.

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