WHITE Investing is based on the innovative development of a business model, which
allows us to transform a real estate project into a financial instrument. Our business
model pursues the management of capital on a real estate basis, reducing to the
maximum the risks that originate in a real estate investment, in order to focus on its
financial variables.

All of the above is developed with a marked innovative nature, taking advantage of
tools for each area that allow us to improve and optimise processes and always with the
aim of achieving the financial figures proposed to our investors.

The alternatives we propose are through Co-Investment Vehicles, where we invest
together with other investors and WHITE Investing – assuming the same risk – based on
a pre-defined Business Plan; and Management Mandates, where, based on an analysis
of the investor’s assets, WHITE Investing develops the proposed project.

Opportunities arise.

We offer the possibility of co-investing in the real estate business, without the obligation to assume the intrinsic risks involved.

or are created

We manage real estate assets owned by external investors, through individualised and independent management.